In 2004, I moved to Berkeley, California. In 2005 I set a goal of walking every street, path, and stairway in my new town. This blog highlights some of the interesting things I have found along the way, as well as others who are doing similar walks. Some of the photos featured here come from Joe, who accompanied me on some of the walks. I hope this blog inspires at least a few other people to set out on foot and explore the place where they live. For more about this blog, please read the first post. I completed my goal of walking every street and path in Berkeley at the end of 2007. Although this blog ended with the completion of the project, the archives will stay up and available for browsing. Enjoy!

Please feel free to e-mail me with comments and suggestions: jen.in510 [at] yahoo.com

–Jen English


  1. […] Thanks to the nice folks over at Yahoo!, who featured Walking Berkeley as a Yahoo! Pick, there may be a few new readers of this blog. The About section and the first post of this blog provide an overview of this project, but I thought I’d take some time to expand on those posts and answer a few common questions: […]

  2. Ira Serkes said

    Delighted to have come across you Walking Berkeley Blog! As we travel around Berkeley keeping up-to-date on the Berkeley Real Estate market, we’ve been blogging about the sights and sounds at our Berkeley Blog Cast at http://www.berkeleyblogcast.com and talk about the Berkeley neighborhoods at http://www.berkeleyhomes.com

    Looking forward to seeing more about your walks (and enjoy recognizing rocks on Vincente and Funiculars on The Alameda!

  3. Charlie Bowen (Ms) said

    Hi– I’m the path-building lead of the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association. We’re the group that published the map. We also are building wood-tie paths on previously unimproved pathways mostly in the hills area between the UC campus and Marin Ave, maybe you have walked on some of them.
    I saw your very interesting blog and wonder if you are a member of Path Wanderers? Our membership fee is just $5 per year per household, and for that you get our little newsletter 4 times per year. Our website is http://www.berkeleypaths.org, hope you check us out. It might be nice to have you write a short article for our newsletter sometime about your goal of walking every street, path, and stairway in Berkeley–it’s the kind of thing our members would be interested in, I think.

  4. Thanks for a wonderful site! My wife and I moved to Berkeley in 2003 and recently started a neighborhood blog http://www.willardpark.com for “news and minutiae” from the area around Willard Park. If you haven’t wandered around Willard, be sure to give it a stroll. Also check out Fabric of Berkeley http://berkeleyfab.wordpress.com/ by my friend Jon Brouchoud for another Berkeley walker blog.

    Thanks again,
    — Mark

  5. charmaine said

    what a neat blog.

    it has been a while since i last saw/talked to/emailed you guys. hope all is going well. i think i am gonna take down my tribe thingie. too much stuff to take care of… not enough tribe action

    what are you knitting these days?

  6. Allan said

    Great blog!

    There is one path that you probably haven’t explored yet, since it doesn’t entirely exist yet. If you click on the following URL you will see a googlemap of a possible pathway (as well as unrelated others) providing an almost direct link between UC campus and Tilden park. The path needs some more love (read: wear) in order to come into being, so it would be great if you or anyone else would like to take an adventure by trying to find and go up it. Also, if anyone would like to help improve it (cut down weeds, attach a rope to the fence at the steepest part) let me know. (Click on the hiking icon in the map for more specific instructions.)

    And if you do give this a try, it would be great if you could post about it to draw more attention to it.

  7. naomi friedman said

    I have reading and enjoying your stories about walking for over a year. Thank you!
    I live at Sacramento/Ada and those deer you photoed are real pests! They are to be seen at all hours chomping roses and other stuff. To answer your ? they come down the creek that crosses Monterey and wander all around this westbrea neighborhood! Have not seen one get hit by traffic on Sacto Street yet, but it is only a matter of time I guess.
    Congrats on completing your wonderful project!

  8. […] Walking the Hayward Fault in Berkeley I am almost finished with walking every street in Berkeley, California. I am not the first person to do this. Jennifer English finished last month, even though she started after I did. But then, she’s a lot younger, and probably fitter too. You can read all about her experience at https://walkingberkeley.wordpress.com/about/. […]

  9. […] The First Walk I am almost finished with walking every street, path, lane, and stairway in Berkeley, California. I started in 2004 when I retired from EBMUD. I am not the first person to do this. Jennifer English finished in December 2007, even though she started after I did. But then, she’s a lot younger, and probably fitter too. You can read all about her experience at Walking Berkeley. […]

  10. stacy said

    I just discovered your blog through Bloglines. I lived in Berkeley while attending college and continue to miss it. I wish I would have come across your blog earlier. It is so inspiring and simply wonderful!! Thank you for sharing such a great project with everyone.

  11. susan swanson said


    Are you the lady who, while walking around Berkeley,noticed that a lot of fruit was falling and rotting on the ground and you organized a way to get that food to the food bank? This summer they predict a lot of kids will go hungry as they won’t be getting breakfast or lunch at school and I thought at least they could get the overage of fresh fruits and vegetables from neighborhood yards. I live in Concord and was hoping you were the person who organized that great idea so I wouldn’t have to start from scratch!
    Please let me know. thank you.

  12. […] 2009 at 4:13 pm · Filed under Uncategorized Welcome to Walking Berkeley! Please see the About page for background about this project. I completed my goal of walking every street and path in […]

  13. […] Here! […]

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