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Update: Mill Valley Paths & Stairs, Mission Street, and trees

Today I led one of three walks for the Berkeley Path Wanderers summer event, which was a lot of fun. One great thing about the Path Wanderers events is all of the interesting and friendly folks who come to the walks. Today I spoke with a woman from Mill Valley about their path system, which is much more extensive than I thought. I’m excited to go check it out sometime soon. The Mill Valley Paths, Lanes & Steps map is available at city hall, the library, and the community center.

I’ve still been doing lots of walking, and have a list of various walks in the Bay Area that I’d like to do. Last weekend, Joe & I did one of them — walking the entire length of Mission Street from the Embarcadero in San Francisco to where it ends and El Camino Real begins in Colma. It is about 10 miles total. It was really a great walk going through a variety of neighborhoods, and interesting to see the changes in the street throughout San Francisco. Sometime soon I hope to walk all of Geary Street in one day across town, as I expect this street will provide just as many interesting sights.

As I’ve mentioned previously, this blog is only updated very periodically now that I have walked every Berkeley street & path, but coming up in the next month or so I’ll be doing a guest post for Local Ecology on observations about trees during my walking project. I’ll post here when that is done and up on Georgia’s website.


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