If you are coming to this blog for the first time – welcome! At the end of 2007 I completed my goal of walking every street and path in Berkeley. Although I am still doing lots of walking around Berkeley and other places, I will not be doing much blogging here now that the project has been completed. I have been working on other walking and car-free related projects, but not anything yet that lends itself to blogging. If I do start a new blog or other web-related documentation, I will definitely post it here and will contact regular readers. In the meantime, please feel free to search and browse the archives of this blog.

Berkeley readers, be sure to check out Walking the Fault, Andy Datlen’s blog about “walks on, around, and across the Hayward Earthquake Fault where it runs along the base of the hills through Berkeley.” You may remember that I mentioned Andy previously; he has also walked all of the paths and streets in Berkeley! Another interesting walking blog is Beating the Bounds (thanks to reader Bernard for pointing me to this site), about a UC Davis grad student’s attempt to walk along the Capitol Corridor rail line. As you will see from the blog, the project was stopped by Union Pacific, but she may be walking the roads paralling the tracks. And reader Sabrina pointed out this interesting upcoming dérive, or wandering, in the East Bay starting on March 21 and continuing through the night (for related information, see my post on psychogeography and Theory of the Dérive on Berkeley writer and theorist Ken Knabb’s website.

Finally, the Hidden Gems of Berkeley ride will be happening this year on Saturday, May 10. This year this will be a bike ride and a walk! The ride will visit hidden gems in Westbrae and West Berkeley, and the walk will focus on locations in Westbrae. More details should be available next month here and here.



  1. dorota said

    I love this blog!!!

    Lived in Berkeley for years… living now in (a very pleasant) exile in Colorado… but will be returning to these very paths as soon as the kids are outta the house. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories of an amazing community.

  2. Amey said

    Hey Jen!
    I’m glad to see a few new posts… even though the Great Walk of Berkeley is officially complete. Now I propose that you move somewhere new and walk all those streets! 🙂

    I hope that all is well. I’ve been busy down here, teaching 11-12 classes a week for the next couple months, but the schedule will lighten up a lot in the summer. It makes it easier to keep up my momentum, knowing that I’ll have some time to relax in the future!

    🙂 Amey

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