Status Report

A number of people have asked about the progress of my walk, and also how I plan to finish the walk. I haven’t been able to give more than vague answers, but at this point I think I can see that I have one long and three short walks left to do to complete the walk of every Berkeley street and path. These include several streets surrounding the Clark Kerr Campus of UC Berkeley, a small group of streets off Tunnel Road in Claremont, and a longer walk in the Berkeley hills near Grizzly Peak and Wildcat Canyon roads. I had not been sure what I would do for my final walk, but when I was reviewing my marked-up map I realized that I had not walked the Bay Trail south from the I-80 bike bridge to the Emeryville border. I’ve walked throughout the Marina (which might not be entirely accessible for awhile due to the recent oil spill), and on the Bay Trail north to the Albany border. At this point for my last walk, I am planning to do the remaining section out and back that then end at the bike bridge, which is one of my favorite features in Berkeley.

Timing wise, my goal is to be done by the end of the year, which shouldn’t be a problem. The most difficult walk will be the one in the hills. That section has taken much, much longer than I expected. Each time I go up there, I only end up doing part of my originally planned route due to confusing intersections, lack of street signs, and lots of hills. I really thought that I would be finished with that section on my last walk, but four hours later I still had a bunch of streets left and decided to head home. It is not unusual to see wildlife, especially deer, up in this section of the hills near Tilden Park. However, I did not see any the entire time I was walking early on a Sunday morning. Surprisingly when I got down from the hills and was near Sacramento and Hopkins I spotted deer near behind some trees at a school. I watched for awhile, and they eventually ran down the middle of the street a ways and into someone’s back yard. I couldn’t figure out how they got so far away from any wooded/natural area, nor how they would get back, but hopefully they ended up getting there. Oh, and I inadvertently captured in the second photo one of the modified “Stop Driving” signs that appear throughout Berkeley.



  1. floatingclouds said

    Lucky shot! Deer crossing in the crosswalk. The ‘stop driving’ sign. Serendipitous. Good omen for you coming into the finish of your walk.

  2. John said

    Jen- Recently I saw a wild turkey a week or so ago, on Ada just across from where you took the deer pictures. I’m so glad you got pictures of the deer in the neighborhood! I’ve seen them several times. One night Bambi and I followed them from the Ohlone Greenway near the Peralta Garden, up Hopkins, and then up Ordway. At night, under the steelights, it was like seeing enchanted spirits walk down the middle of the street. we have quite a community of wildlife in the Westbrae area; deer, racoon, skunk, wild turkey, an assortment of other birds like barn owls, vireos, cedar waxwings (which came by this week for their yearly visit to feast on pyracantha berries in my yard), not to mention the small flock of parrots that hang out near the school too, and then there’s salamanders and the tree frogs that were introduced to the Peralta garden this year (hopefully they’ll return to the pond and reproduce). You’re sure to find lots of shorebirds down by the Bay Trail too! (hopefully they won’t be covered in oil).

  3. Andy R. Datlen said

    It certainly gets harder to complete every street once you get up into the hills, doesn’t it? I am also in the Grizzly Peak area right now, in very hilly terrain. This morning I parked near the Shasta Fire Station, and walked south up Hill Rd, then along Scott Newhill Path, back on to the next part of Hill Rd, east on Atlas Pl, north on Ajax Pl, then back again, down the Atlas Path steps, and north along Grizzly Peak back to my car, about two miles in total.

    The weather was absolutely clear, and the views across the Bay were stunning. No wonder those home owners say they have million dollar views. San Francisco was glistening in the morning sun, and a container ship was passing under the Golden Gate Bridge. I looked at the waters of the Bay with sorrow as I thought about the oil spill and the birds.

    Jen, you must be a lot fitter than me, because two miles is about all I can manage in hilly country. In the flatlands I used to do four with ease. It looks like it will take me until next summer to finish. At that time I plan to have all of my friends and relatives walk the last mile with me, and follow it up with a barbecue in a nearby park. And of course you are invited. details to follow some time next year.

    I attended the monthly board meeting of the Berkeley Path Wanderers a couple of weeks ago. What a nice, friendly, competent group of people they are! No wonder we have such a beautiful set of steps and paths to enjoy in Berkeley. They invited me to speak about my walks for a few minutes, which I did, and of course showed them the marked up map. I thanked them for all of their good work. I stayed for a little bit to listen to their deliberations, and to review the balance sheet. They clearly are doing an excellent job at managing the money. I would willingly pay double the yearly fee of $5.00, or more if needed, having reaped so much pleasure and benefit from the work they do.


  4. jsandoe said

    I hope you will continue the blog even after you complete the streets. This is one of my favorite blogs. It would be a shame if it disappeared with the completion of the project.


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