Another Berkeley Walker!

I was very excited to receive a note from Andy Datlen, a Berkeley resident who has also been attempting to walk every street and path in Berkeley! He started when he retired from EBMUD in 2003, and is about 3/4 of the way done at this point. Like me, he has been using the Berkeley Path Wanderers map to record his progress. Here’s a nice excerpt from Andy’s note, describing his walking experiences in Berkeley:

I was walking in the area North of Marin today around Maryland Ave, and the views across the Bay to the City and Mount Tam were spectacular because it was so clear. In the hilly territory I do about 2-3 miles, whereas in the flat area I used to do about four. Some of those stairways are really steep. I walked the Maryland Steps today, down and back up, and it almost killed me. I do this to keep fit, because I have a serious heart condition, with a pacemaker. If I drop dead on one of the stairways one day I can’t think of a better way to go!

Andy would enjoy being in touch with others who are walking the Berkeley streets. Rather than subject him to lots of spam, please either leave a comment here or email me at jen.in510 [at], and I will forward your contact information to him.

Progress of Andy’s walk, recorded on the Path Wanderers map

In my series about Why People Walk, I covered exercise in general and spiritual and meditative walking, but Andy’s correspondence made me realize that it would be great to talk about walking and medical conditions. If you have walked to recover from an illness or injury or walk as ongoing therapy for a chronic condition, and would like to share your story, please contact me. Your identity, of course, can remain anonymous if you wish. And if you are in Berkeley and walking has been recommended to you by a medical professional, you are indeed lucky — as you can see from Andy’s comments. While the walking itself may be painful or difficult, you will have a chance to enjoy wonderful views, hidden stairways, interesting architecture, and unique sights.



  1. Georgia said

    How do you mark/ annotate/ track your progress? Do you have a system similar to Andy’s red lined BPWA map? Did you read books about place observation to create your methodology?

  2. […] it runs along the base of the hills through Berkeley.” You may remember that I mentioned Andy previously; he has also walked all of the paths and streets in Berkeley! Another interesting walking blog is […]

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