Odds & Ends

Lots of interesting news and correspondence related to past posts and walking in general:

  • After a few days of rain, the Saturday of the Path Wanderers’ fall harvest walk that I led turned out to be a beautiful day for walking and exploring gardens. Georgia of Local Ecologist went on the walk and did a very nice write-up with photos. If you didn’t attend but are interested in doing the walk, I’ll be getting the walk to the Path Wanderers webmaster this week, so look for it here, along with other self-guided walks in Berkeley and the East Bay.
  • And speaking of the ever-popular topic of fruit trees, I was alerted via a blog comment to harvestr dot org, a Google Maps mashup showing public fruit trees and berries, farmer’s markets, and other free or low-cost food. They’ve got a Bay Area map that is under development, where you can easily map the roadside blackberry bushes you spotted out on a walk.
  • A couple of weeks ago the Chron had an article about the woman behind the art-SITES series of guidebooks, which feature walking tours of all sorts of art — galleries, contemporary architecture, film centers, sculpture, etc. — in locations such as San Francisco, Paris, and London. The article notes that when researching the books, she walks all day and after dark, often seven days a week. Of course there is the other nine months spent in front of the computer, but the walking part of it sounds amazing. Definitely an inspiring story to see someone pursuing a dream like this.
  • I have art-SITES San Francisco on reserve at the library, and am hoping the library will soon be ordering Will Self’s Psychogeography, which Eric Fischer mentions on his blog. I had read the New York Times article about Self’s 20 mile walk from JFK Airport to Manhattan back in December, so I will be interested in checking out the book. If you’re new to reading this blog and/or psychogeography, here’s my post about psychogeography from earlier this year.
  • If you are interested in learning more about Claremont and Elmwood, you’ll enjoy reading Northwest Ladybug’s memories of growing up in the area during the 1960s. She has shared all sorts of interesting tidbits about the Claremont Hotel, John Muir School, Elmwood and Claremont shops, the move in 1968 to integrate schools in Berkeley, the People’s Park riots, interesting neighbors. A great read!

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  1. heartbodymindandspirit said

    Thanks for linking to my blog. My hope is that other old (ha — 50 only USED to be old; now it’s young!) Berkeley-ites who shared the same memories might find my post. Those are such happy memories!

    Carol (Northwest Ladybug)

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