More Odds & Ends

I had planned a longer post today, but had a few more bits and pieces of information come up that were relevant to past postings:

First of all, Alfred Peet, founder of Peet’s Coffee died today. Here’s a little bit on Peet’s from my post about coffee roasters.

Thanks to Laurie, who commented here that she found a Wednesday hiking group in Marin that has an offshoot group of Wednesday hikes in the East Bay. I like that many of the Marin hikes meet at a bus stop, and also noticed that one of the upcoming East Bay hikes is one that I had been hoping to do myself, a trek from Orinda BART over the hill to Berkeley BART. I also ran across the Weekly Wanderers all-women hiking group, which has regular East Bay hikes and urban walks in Berkeley and neighboring cities. Glancing through the group’s message archives, it looks like there are quite a few that are transit accessible and others that have carpools from Berkeley.

Also, thanks to the ever-observant Georgia for pointing out the recent Chronicle food section article about healthy after-school snacks, which has suggestions from Berkeley Unified School District’s nutrition services director Ann Cooper. I had actually recently checked out Cooper’s book, Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children, from the library. The book has a bunch of recipes from Cooper, from the Chez Panisse Foundation, and other sources, if you are looking for more child-friendly and healthy food ideas.

Catching up on the Berkeley Daily Planet, I found that they have a review of Eccentrics, Heroes, and Cutthroats of Old Berkeley, which I mentioned in my last post. Another recent issue has a series of articles on getting around Berkeley without a car, covering walking, transit, and bicycles.


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  1. Georgia said

    I heard about the Weekly Wanderers on a recent Path Wanderers hike; a few of the BPWA members are weekly wanderers.

    I came across another bit of walk information – a walking conference this fall in Canada (

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