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In terms of architectural elements of houses in Berkeley, I’ve talked a little about front porches, windows and what can be see through them, and fences and gates. Lately, for some reason, I have been noticing interesting and creative doors and entrances. Some have artistic touches, like this one:

and this one (note the eyes staring out from the porch steps):

Security gates that cover the front porch or door almost always look bad despite their utility. This one just made me smile, though. Despite the big iron gate, the “guard cat” adds a light touch to the entrance:

I’m always looking to see how people handle “no soliciting” signs. Below is a typical example, and in this case I think the combination of the sign and the modern door and entry elements make it look like an entrance to a medical office rather than a home. The funniest sign I’ve seen is “If you don’t know me, don’t knock” (hand-painted on a piece of wood, sort of like those painted and carved signs that are common in some suburban areas that proclaim the home’s owners, e.g., “John & Jane Jones”). The best sign wording that I think fits with many of the older architectural styles in Berkeley is “No Peddlers or Agents.” Still to come… garage doors!


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  1. Eric Fischer said

    The building I used to live in (built around 1912) had a “no peddlers nor agents” sign. I think it is later ones that say “or” instead of “nor,” and I wish I knew when the usage changed.

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