Neighborhood Bulletin Boards and Other Political Expression

Last fall, during the election season, I talked a bit about political signs. In some areas, the time leading up to an election may be the only time to see personal expressions of political views on private property. Not so in Berkeley. I have seen bulletin boards in several neighborhoods for residents of the area to post notices. I am not sure who puts up these boards; my guess is that some are the work of neighborhood associations and others of property owners. While the boards occasionally contain lighter fare such as yard sale notices, the majority of the postings concern local activity that could possibly affect those neighborhoods, particularly building and development projects.

Additionally, opinion regarding political issues beyond the borders of Berkeley can be found posted on bulletin boards, particularly views about the current White House administration. While I have seen neighborhood bulletin boards in other cities, one unique trend I have noticed in Berkeley is the posting of news articles, personal views, political cartoons, and related matter. on the fences and gates of homes. You may remember that I had mentioned seeing handwritten and typed poems posted on fences and walls. With poetry I can see people stopping to read the posted material, but I wonder how many people stop to read these political articles. I have a few times, and half-wondered if someone would emerge to ask me what I thought or engage in a political discussion, but this has not happened yet!


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  1. Looks like you’ve hit the big time and attracted a comment spammer above! Heh!

    There’s a neighborhood bulletin board near Hillegass and Woolsey that alternates between barren and having a couple things. I’d love to set one up in my neighborhood but I know if I put one on my front fence, it would attract taggers. And I wouldn’t want to do that unless I was able to bag them and make a citizen’s arrest. Grrr.

    It would be nice, though. We could sure use a better sense of community where I live.

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