School’s Out

Early in the week following the one that most K-12 schools in the area finished up for the summer, I walked over to my community garden plot before work to water my vegetables. A boy, maybe 8 or 9 years old, wandered in to look around as I was finishing up, and I had to tell him that I was locking the gate and unfortunately wasn’t able to stay around that morning. I asked him if he was with anyone, and he said he wasn’t; it just seemed he was wandering around looking for something to do. I directed him across the street to look at the ducks and the apples growing along the fence of the EcoHouse, and let him know what hours the garden was open to the public. As I was walking back from the garden, I wondered how most kids in Berkeley spent their summers. Since then, I have been noting that that stereotypical media depiction of children spending all their time indoors in front of the TV and computer doesn’t appear to be altogether true (here in Berkeley, at least). Parks seem to be filled with day camps and other groups of children running around and getting lots of fresh air. One day at lunchtime, I encountered a lemonade stand. Best of all, I have seen several groups of children walking places.


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  1. This posting made me feel happy. I love the photo, too. Everyone support your local lemonade stands! (-:

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