Signs of Spring, Part 2: Spring Cleaning

Here we are at the end of May, and I don’t know how Spring passed so quickly. I had hoped to have a longer Signs of Spring series, but it will just end up being a double feature. I don’t have too much to talk about in this post; I really just wanted to share my favorite items left on the sidewalk from the traditional spring purging of the closets and basements of Berkeley. The most fascinating thing about these roadside collections is the display that goes into some of them; they are often laid out as if they were for sale in a store, rather than piled in a box for people to sort through. I was especially perplexed by the scene in the top photo. The items — three bicycle wheels, a security gate, and security window — were strapped to a dolly that had obviously been used to transport the items to its spot along the Ohlone Greenway. It almost seemed as though someone was transporting the items somewhere and had just given up. Why wouldn’t the owner have left the items and taken back the dolly? The items were there for a few more days and then disappeared.

Spring cleaning blends into college classes ending, and the items left by the road have shifted a bit from small objects to larger furniture. Last year, I wondered where all of the furniture went; this year posters are up in the campus area warning people about furniture dumping. As Georgia documents on Local Ecologist, the furniture is still there.



  1. antitext said

    i’ve been wondering if you’d ever mention the various free offerings that can be found on the streets of berkeley. they seem to be everywhere! though i especially notice them left along various points on the ohlone greenway. thankfully things seem to get taken quickly, as things i see in the morning are usually long gone on my ride home. and i’m glad i’m not the only one who wondered about the oddity of seeing that gate and those bike wheels. i swear the gate was locked to the pole with a bicycle lock, but i might be mistaken.

  2. charmaine said

    i thought berkeley-ans would be into freecycling or something… i’ve gotten rid of a couple things from posting them on my local freecycle group.

    if that gate and those wheels were on my street on trashday it would be soo gone in a couple of minutes. there are people who drive the streets in their huge trucks looking for junk metal cause they apparently bring a lot of money at the recyling center.

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