Odds & Ends

The website outside.in recently published a list of the Top Ten Bloggiest Neighborhoods. No Berkeley neighborhoods on the list, but who knows — maybe someday! Around the same time that I saw this list Mark Celsor left a comment here about his Willard Park Blog started last month, described as “a place to post information about life in the neighborhoods just south of the university in Berkeley. The blog takes its name from Willard Park at the corner of Derby and Hillegass, halfway between the Elmwood and Telegraph shopping districts.” Camelia Street Blog is a “neighborhood blog devoted to quality of life issues for those living and working in west Berkeley.” The long-running Scrambled Eggs & Lox blog covers the Potter Creek area of west Berkeley.

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard about any other every-street walkers, so it was fun to find out about this guy who walked every street in Manhattan in under 3 months. Thanks to Gary at Runs Brooklyn for letting me know about this site!

Many of you have commented or sent notes about the photos on my blog, some of which are taken by Joe Reifer. If you’re in the Bay area and want to check out some more of his work, there will be an opening for his show this Friday (along with photographer Troy Paiva) at the Lucky Juju Pinball Gallery in Alameda. For a car-free trip from Berkeley, take BART to 12th Street Oakland and connect to AC Transit Bus 51, which has a drop off right by Lucky Juju (Santa Clara St.) and runs every 10-20 minutes. And speaking of Alameda, I have always thought this would be a great city for walking every street: it’s an island, it has lots of interesting houses and buildings, and a closed naval air station that has lots of redevelopment projects in process.


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