Signs of Spring: Construction

On walks over the past couple of weeks I have seen more fellow walkers out on the streets than usual. I love walking year-round, but I recognize that for many people spring is the best walking time. The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and (except for a couple of minor rainstorms) the weather has been mild. I have been thinking about other signs of spring besides the natural ones; one of the most significant ones that has come to my attention while walking is the flurry of construction and remodeling activity that happens this time of year in preparation for selling a house during the prime spring and summer months. Parts of my walks have become obstacle courses as I maneuver around cones, tape, torn-up sidewalk, piles of construction debris. It has been interesting to see what sorts of things people are doing to their houses and front yards; I am sure there will be a few where I return to see the completed projects.

This morning I was walking up in the hills near John Hinkel Park (which, by the way, will definitely be on the “best of” list I mentioned in my last post),  when I spotted a small deer at one end of a stairway. I managed to take a photo of the deer before it ran off, but it was out of focus (sigh) and then I walked up the path. When I emerged at the top of the path, I looked up and saw one of those temporary store boxes (bright blue) next to a house under renovation. Definitely a study in the contrasts of spring.



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