Status Check

Napping in front of Spenger’s, photo by Joe Reifer

I regularly get comments, emails, questions about how far I am along in my walk of every street of Berkeley. Up until now I have given somewhat vague answers obtained by eyeballing my map — 2/3 of the way there, 3/4 of the way, etc. Lately, though, I have been filling in lots of gaps to the point where I have quite a few neighborhoods completed. Today I looked at the map and determined that I probably need to take about 15-20 more walks to complete the project. Right now I am walking about twice a week (for about 2-3 hours each time), so this should put me finishing the the walk right around a year from when I started this blog last June!

Sometime in May I will start thinking about how I want to end the walk, though I don’t have anything in mind in particular in terms of ending with a specific street, etc. I do plan on doing my personal “best of” Berkeley list at the end, though, based on what I have seen along the way. Stay tuned…



  1. Jamie Welsh said

    It’s just so neat, what you’ve been doing! I will look forward to the personal “best of” list at the end.

    p.s. I liked seeing the tips of your pink shoes in the poetry photo.

  2. antitext said

    i too am looking forward to seeing your “best of” list.

  3. Spike said

    Go Jen! You’re so close to finishing.

    Where you gonna walk next?

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