Odds & Ends

Some notes related to past entries:

When I wrote my last post about books, I did not realize that Barnes & Noble was planning to close. This is not the sort of news that will probably cause a stir like Cody’s closing — Barnes & Noble is a huge chain, and there are other nearby locations — but it is interesting to think about. Across the street on Shattuck from Barnes & Noble is the independent bookseller Pegasus, but the two stores carry a very different selection of books.

Last summer when I talked about the North Berkeley rock parks, I mentioned that a new books was due out called Berkeley Rocks. It’s out now, and I just got a copy of the book. It’s a very fun and interesting book, and includes photos of both things I have seen on my walks and also locations that cannot be seen from the street — including creative ways that homeowners have incorporated the North Berkeley rhyolite into their homes’ architecture. Well worth checking out! The public library has a couple of copies of the book on order, but they have not come in as of this writing.

Some of you may have looked at the website Turn Here, which features short films about specific neighborhoods in the Bay Area and beyond. For Berkeley, they have a humorous film on the Gourmet Ghetto, another about the Shipyard artist community, and East Bay coffee. Lots more neighborhood films on the website as well; it seems like a good vacation planning tool as well.


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