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This post goes against my usual style of talking about one topic or theme, but I have a slowly growing pile of bits and pieces related to past posts that I want to make sure I share:

If you are interested in further scholarly reading related to psychogeography, check out the Bureau of Public Secrets‘ situationist writings. Ken Knabb has translated a number of relevant texts, such as Formulary for a New Urbanism and Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography.

Thanks to James and Georgia for their comments about taco trucks in response to my lunch trucks entry. As James points out, the term “foodie” is “misunderstood by the media to be a hoity toity rich persons moniker – which is absolutely does not NEED to be.” I couldn’t agree more, and the taco truck also provides an example where blogs and websites provide additional resources on a topic beyond the news. There a number of taco truck reviews online for various regions, including one for nearby Oakland’s taco trucks. Georgia noted an article from the local food magazine Edible East Bay that includes trips to both tapas bars and to taco trucks. Also of interest — awhile back I ran across Frugal Foodies, a Tuesday-night dinner series in Berkeley. I have not yet been to one, but it looks great. For $7 you get to help cook and eat a mostly organic feast. Some of the meals focus on specific ingredients or cuisines of the world, and there are guest chef nights.

Georgia, who I mention above, has great blog about neighborhoods called Local Ecology. Various cities are the focus of her posts, but she currently lives in Berkeley and has some interesting posts about Berkeley related topics such as livable (traffic-calmed streets), landmarks, and bicycling.

Berkeley, A City in History, a series of lectures at the Berkeley History Room of the Berkeley Public Library, offers a nice history of periods in Berkeley history. Apparently the History Room publishes a pamphlet of fiction set in Berkeley, which I definitely plan to check out.


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  1. With the recent influx of Latino in migration to North Carolina…I am happy to discover we now have taco trucks here.

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