Front Yard Animals

Gary over at Runs Brooklyn recently organized the wonderful photos he takes on his runs, and one my favorite of his groupings was animals. As a result of looking at his photos, I was wondering how many animals I had seen on my walks. Looking back at my photos, I found quite a few. Most of which were in front yards of residences. I am not sure I have much to say about this other than it being an interesting pattern. I’ve included a few of my favorites here.

Tire elephant:



Rhino (thanks to Jef for reminding that I had taken this photo):



  1. Spike said

    Love that elephant. Very ingenious.

    Apart from Christmas deer all I’ve seen is a cow.

  2. Gary said

    I never got around to commenting earlier, but these are great pictures! The tire elephant is awfully cool, but I also like the unpretentious simplicity of the little dinosaurs.

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