Back in 2007

My first post after introducing this project and blog was about abandoned couches, so it seemed fitting to end the year with a photo of another one. (Which wasn’t difficult, by the way, because it is the end of another college semester at Cal).Walking Berkeley will be back again at the beginning of January.  Hope the rest of your holiday season is enjoyable and involves some walking!


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  1. Bernard said

    Congratulations on your blog!
    I just discovered it and think it’s great.
    Before moving to Berkeley I lived in Chicago and San Francisco, and briefly in Buffalo and Cambridge (MA); in these places I considered myself an urban walker. Berkeley, while it lacks the diversity of an urban environment, offers some of the most interesting architecture and landscaping anywhere. And also some real surprises. I’ll share one (no surprise if I give them all away!): at the NW corner of Grant and Cedar, in what was an old gas station pay booth, is a case of welded giant insects made from automobile motor parts.

    The game/play aspects of psychogeography intrigues me, but not willing to make a special trip to SF I never participated in the explorations that occurred there some years ago (and may still be happening?), but I would be up for some sort of game in the context of the streets of Berkeley. Maybe the Paths folks might be interested?

    btw the website is for Inkworks “coop” where I am a member.


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