House Colors

When I finish walking every street in Berkeley, I am thinking about posting a list of the “best ofs” and “mosts” from my walk. As I have been looking at the Berkeley map, I am estimating at least a few more months of walking (expect more on this in an end-of-the-year wrap-up) before this happens. I do not want jump the gun by making any proclamations, but have found a very strong contender for the brightest and most unique house colors. Berkeley has some Victorians; not nearly as many as San Francisco, but even so I had expected to see many more unique “painted ladies.” It has more often been the Mediterranean-style homes where I have seen interesting paint schemes. Berkeley readers, feel free to suggest other contenders!



  1. Oh! This is so beautiful! I wish there were more houses around like this. I believe that in India and middle eastern countries there is a lot more colour on the exterior of houses.

    I have had you linked on my blog for ages but haven’t visited in a while – I am so glad I opened your page tonight – this image makes me feel good!

    SJ xx

  2. JMC said

    I’m not sure if it’s still painted in crazy colors, but there was a house on the west side of Arch street at the corner of Rose (where Rose continues East up the hill from Arch) that you should consider.

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