TV House

Photo by Joe Reifer

I don’t really keep up with shopping trends or media hype surrounding holiday shopping, but while I was doing some unrelated research I found that flat-screen TVs are supposedly one of the “hottest” gift items this holidays season. It made me remember that I had wanted to point out the “TV house” in south Berkeley, which I have passed a couple of times on my walks. I wonder how many knocks on the door the residents of the house have received. Somehow it reminds me of being in a museum looking at modern art; there will be the people who stand quietly and contemplate the piece of art, others who confidently announce what they are certain the piece means to their companions or other museum-goers, and even others who just have to know the answer and will inquire about the piece of art. Strangely, despite my strong feelings about television, consumerism, and waste, I don’t actually need to know what the meaning is behind this display or the intentions of the person who placed the TVs there; I just enjoy running across something interesting and out-of-the-ordinary once in awhile. If the holiday shopping predictions are correct, perhaps there will be many more TVs sitting by the side of the road waiting to be added to this display.

I will be walking but likely not posting over the Thanksgiving weekend, so expect a new post early next week. I will definitely walk in Berkeley, but I may also go for a walk in downtown San Francisco as Joe and I have done in the past on the day after Thanksgiving. It is a great chance to see the interaction between everyone who has come out for the “biggest shopping day” — the shoppers, the fur protesters at the department stores, the Buy Nothing Day groups (which in the past have included people dressing up as sheep and running through the stores and shouting “bahhhhhh nothing”), the Critical Mass cyclists, and whoever else decides to show up that day.



  1. Ron Bloomquist said

    I been missing you but it was worth the wait.

    Great photo and comments.

    I’m with you concerning holidaze.


  2. neath said

    Great House!


  3. […] Something else that has been on my mind along with the TV house that I talked about a few days ago is satellite TV dishes. As you know, I try very hard to notice everything around me while I am walking. I do not have to try very hard to notice these dishes. They are everywhere, from the most run-down of apartment buildings to pricey homes. Why is it that they stand out so much? The obvious response (other than the not-so-objective one of them not being particularly aesthetically pleasing) would be that they do not blend with the architecture of most homes. But one could say that they about many modern things that sit in front of houses — cars, plastic planter boxes and pots, many garden lights and ornaments. Really, I have not seen too many cases where everything one sees in front of a house is authentic to the house’s period. […]

  4. Noah said

    That house refers to itself as Fort Oregon, and frequently hosts really great musical events in its basement, including most notably The Microphones and Lou Barlow of Sebadoh/Dinosaur Jr. Keep a lookout!

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