As I have mentioned in previous posts, most of my walks start from my home. Now that I am pretty far into my walk of Berkeley’s streets, that means I walk some streets multiple times. I have found that I don’t mind retracing parts of previous routes; I now have things that I want to revisit to see changes or progress. Over the summer for instance, I walked by the Berkeley Amtrak station and found paint color tests across the street from the station. When I walked by again a few weeks ago, a mural was in progress in the same spot. Later this year, I will walk by again and hopefully see a completed project.

Unfortunately, not every follow-up visit to a location in progress is positive. You may remember my mention of the playground reconstruction at Cedar-Rose Park. It has taken months to rebuild this playground, and it looks as if it may be just about finished. When I walked by this morning, though, the brand new concrete play structures already had graffiti scrawled on them. Usually seeing graffiti is not a surprise. Graffiti, mostly gang-related (though what was at this playground appeared to be anarchist graffiti), can be found all over town and throughout the urban areas of the Bay Area. But it was just sort of sad to see it on a newly re-constructed public playground for children. I didn’t have the heart to take a photo of it.



  1. Ron said

    Thanks for linking me on you blog.

    Sad thing about graffiti in a newly rebuilt playground.

    There is some tagging in Fort Bragg but evidently no real graffiti artists!



  2. Spike said

    Same here, Ron. Seen some good graffitti in the Blue Mts (outside Sydney) but bugger all but tags in Woy Woy.

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