In San Francisco, it would not be altogether strange to see a famous actor or musician while you were walking down the street. Plenty of films are shot on location in San Francisco, and the city attracts well-known musicians to its various concert venues. So far on my walks in Berkeley, I have not spotted any celebrities. When I walk by Fantasy Studios in West Berkeley, though, I often wonder if maybe I have seen someone famous and just did not recognize the person. Fantasy was originally the in-house studio for Fantasy Records, and was then opened to the public. Artists such as Creedence Clearwater Revival and Santana have recorded at the studio. The record label is now based in Southern California, but the studio remains in Berkeley. I have often walked by and seen musicians coming and going, and wondered what it looked like inside. Thanks to the proliferation of video sites online now, I was able to locate a series of songs performed by Chris Isaak at Fantasy, and get a glimpse at the inside of the building. I had been aware of the music facilities at Fantasy, but what I did not know until recently was that it has also been the site of sound work for movies, including Amadeus, The Right Stuff, and The English Patient.



  1. Joe said

    Fantasy in Berkeley is also home to the infamous George Horn, Fantasy’s chief mastering engineer, and apparently quite a character.

  2. I am enjoying dropping in on your blog from time to time. I moved to Berkeley from London just over a year ago and relish discovering everything about the city — I too love to pound the pavements, but am not doing it to anywhere near the extent you are. I just wanted to say how much I loved the photograph on the Fantasy post. Very artistic.

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