Santa Fe Right-of-Way

You may remember my post awhile ago about the playground construction at Cedar-Rose Park. A trip by there this weekend showed definite progress. It’s not done yet, and the turtle has not yet been re-installed, but the structure of the play equipment is there. Appearing closer to completion is the multi-use pathway along a portion of the Santa Fe right-of-way stretching from Delaware Street to University Avenue. The current section of the path that has been paved ends up at Berkeley Montessori School, which resides in what was one the Berkeley train depot for the Santa Fe Railroad.

Much of the rest of the right-of-way, which used to be the route of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway, is currently fenced off. Various proposals have been made for a continuous path along the right-of-way, from the Ohlone Greenway in the north through to Sacramento and Oregon streets in the south. All of this takes time and money, though. In the mean time, it will be interesting to observe this section of the trail, especially at the University end. Will students use the trail to walk or ride their bikes to school? Will traffic on University be affected by the crossing? (University is a thoroughfare to the freeway, and is regularly backed up with traffic to the site of this crossing.) After I had spent some time on the path with no one else in sight for some time and was walking back and pondering these questions, I was suddenly passed by a cyclist who seemed like he had used this route many times in the past even though it had just been built.



  1. […] Lots of excitement here over the past few days. First of all, the traffic light is now functioning at University Ave. end the newly paved section of the Santa Fe Right-of-Way. I happened to be there during the morning commute and school drop-off time, when University (a major thoroughfare) was busy and it was raining a bit. I pushed the button, and sure enough the light turned and traffic stopped. I was anticipating some surprise due to the new light and the placement between intersections, but no cars came skidding to a stop. And if this wasn’t exciting enough, a few days ago I finally saw someone using the Parcourse along the Ohlone Greenway. I refrained from asking the man questions about whether this was a regular routine, how he dealt with the broken exercise stations, etc., because he looked intent on exercising. This reminded me that I had a couple of other things I wanted to point out recreation-wise in Berkeley. […]

  2. […] fall I wrote about the multi-use pathway that opened along a section of the Santa Fe Right-of-Way. Over the past few months I have used the […]

  3. oscar said

    what was it like when the santa fe went threw here, im just curious because its hard to bellieve a train rolled thru here at one point , even up to 1979

  4. oscar said

    it would of been nice to have an amtrak train pass thru i think it would of made a nice scenary, it gives the city an important image instead of under the overpass of the marina/I-80

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