Dog-friendly Berkeley

I do not have a dog, but I feel confident that if I did have one here in Berkeley that I would not need a car for the dog to get plenty of exercise. Officially, there are two off-leash dog parks in Berkeley, one at Ohlone Park (apparently the first dog park in the world) and the other at Cesar Chavez Park out at the Marina, but on my walks I have seen plenty of dogs off-leash in other parks. Dogs are also allowed (on leash) in most hiking trails in Tilden Park.

In business districts, many stores allow dogs or leave water dishes outside for waiting dogs. The Fourth Street area that I mentioned in my last post seems to be the most dog-friendly shopping area, and is home to an upscale dog boutique. Several blocks away, on San Pablo, the Albatross Pub welcomes dogs inside before 8 pm. The hip dog magazine The Bark is based in West Berkeley, and dogs and their volunteer walkers can regularly be spotted near the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society.



  1. Spike said

    That’s a remarkably dog-friendly pub.

  2. Joe said

    Spike – not only do the allow dogs, they have darts, board games, a fireplace, and a pretty good selection of Belgian beers.

  3. amey said

    hoorah for dogs! dogs dogs everywhere dogs! Berkeley is also home to many, many wonderful dog-rescue organizations, which is very cool. Maybe we’ll make a doggie trip up to Berkeley.

  4. Spike said

    Excellent pub.

  5. Andy said

    Dogs can be off-leash on the trails in Tilden Park (and the other EBRPD parks). It’s only in the developed areas that they must be on leash, and there are a few parts (Tilden’s nature area, for example) where they are not permitted at all. But through most of the park your critter can just hike or run along with you, no strings attached.

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