Corn and Connections

As I work on my initial walk of the streets of Berkeley, I keep in mind possibilities for thematic walks that I would like to do in the future. Right now I have not been consciously linking together locations, but sometimes connections just happen anyway. Last Thursday I was on a short walk in North Berkeley and north of campus, with a stop at the North Shattuck farmers market. I picked up some ears of corn at the market, and then walked a few blocks down Oxford Street towards the campus when I came across this corn growing on the UC land known as the Oxford Tract.

The Thursday Berkeley farmers market, which is the newest of the three markets, consists entirely of vendors selling organically grown produce. Just a few short blocks away plant genetics research is taking place at UC Berkeley. The Oxford Tract has been in the news in the past, including destruction of maize crops by a group that believed that the plantings were transgenic corn. Holding my bag of corn, I stood for awhile looking through the fence at this field, thinking about the diversity of efforts and interests and activities of groups and people here in Berkeley, the relationship between the campus and the community … and how next year I might attempt to grow some corn myself.


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  1. Dagny said

    I just “discovered” your blog today and have been reading through some of your older posts. My favorite view of the Oxford Tract is toward the end of the fall when they cut the corn. The field is then covered with pieces of corn stalks and geese. I also love how there is a community garden right next to the tract.

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