Bicycle Bridge, Berkeley Marina, and the Bay Trail

Although I have not yet walked every street in Berkeley, I feel pretty confident saying that the thing I am most grateful for as a walker (and cyclist) in Berkeley is the I-80 bicycle/pedestrian bridge. The bridge starts at the west end of Addison Street and connects the rest of West Berkeley with the Berkeley Marina. Without this bridge, walkers and cyclists would not be able to safely access the boat launching areas, the UC Aquatic Center (which rents sailboats, kayaks, and windsurfing equipment), the Adventure Playground (where children can use tools and build things), Shorebird Park and Nature Center, the public fishing pier, Cesar Chavez Park (which is the site of the annual kite festival, and which includes an off-leash dog area), and other attractions.

The I-80 bridge also connects with the Bay Trail. When completed, the Bay Trail will encircle the San Francisco and San Pablo Bays and connect all of the Bay Area counties. The Bay Trail has been under development since the 1980s, and will probably continue to be for some time before it is completed. In the East Bay, however, there is a nice stretch of the trail from Emeryville north through Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, and Richmond (with a short gap through Golden Gate Fields race track). The great thing about both the bicycle/pedestrian bridge and the Bay Trail is that together they allow you to parallel the route of I-80, which has regularly been at the top of most lists of the worst commutes of the Bay Area. The photo above shows the view from the top of the bicycle-pedestrian bridge looking down on I-80 heading towards the San Francisco Bay Bridge, with the frontage road and the Bay Trail path to the right.



  1. Spike said

    That’s a wide trail. Ours is maybe a third of that. Mind you, you’ve got a bit more traffic than us.

  2. Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

  3. Great kites in the main picture! I love how the Berkeley Marina always has colorful, interesting kites flying high on weekends.

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