The Pace of Things

The Pace of Construction

A common piece of advice given to reluctant walkers is that it would be good for us all to walk to take a break from our modern, fast-paced lifestyles. This may be good advice, but I am not about make such a subjective statement about how people should live their lives. What I will say is that when I walk I notice that the world is not moving as quickly as I once thought. This photo, for instance, was taken yesterday at the playground at Cedar-Rose Park. The playground, like many others around the country, is being reconstructed with wood that does not contain toxic preservatives. The turtle was yanked out of the ground last fall, and has been sitting in this spot for months. Construction stopped on the playground during our unusually rainy winter, and finally started again a few weeks ago. I have walked by this playground many times over the past few months but only last night made the connection between the turtle and the scene in which it resides.



  1. […] You may remember my post awhile ago about the playground construction at Cedar-Rose Park. A trip by there this weekend showed definite progress. It’s not done yet, and the turtle has not yet been re-installed, but the structure of the play equipment is there. Appearing closer to completion is the multi-use pathway along a portion of the Santa Fe right-of-way stretching from Delaware Street to University Avenue. The current section of the path that has been paved ends up at Berkeley Montessori School, which resides in what was one the Berkeley train depot for the Santa Fe Railroad. […]

  2. […] Unfortunately, not every follow-up visit to a location in progress is positive. You may remember my mention of the playground reconstruction at Cedar-Rose Park. It has taken months to rebuild this playground, and it looks as if it may be just about finished. When I walked by this morning, though, the brand new concrete play structures already had graffiti scrawled on them. Usually seeing graffiti is not a surprise. Graffiti, mostly gang-related (though what was at this playground appeared to be anarchist graffiti), can be found all over town and throughout the urban areas of the Bay Area. But it was just sort of sad to see it on a newly re-constructed public playground for children. I didn’t have the heart to take a photo of it. […]

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