Living In a College Town

As I mentioned previously, I have been working on this walking project for several months now, but did not think of documenting it online until now. But when I started looking around online, I could not find very many active blogs or websites about Berkeley. Why is this? One clue I found was that some of the abandoned blogs were written by college students. They wrote for awhile but then left town after graduation.

Sometimes I forget that I live in a college town, mainly because I live pretty far away from the UC Berkeley campus. But at the end of a semester, it becomes very apparent by the large quantities of furniture and other belongings left out on the street. A couple of weeks ago my walking took me to the edge of campus near all of the dormitories and fraternities. It was right after graduation, so most students had left already but there were still piles of furniture everywhere. And then it all disappears, even the ugliest couches. Where does it all go?


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  1. […] My first post after introducing this project and blog was about abandoned couches, so it seemed fitting to end the year with a photo of another one. (Which wasn’t difficult, by the way, because it is the end of another college semester at Cal).Walking Berkeley will be back again at the beginning of January.  Hope the rest of your holiday season is enjoyable and involves some walking! […]

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