Welcome to Walking Berkeley

This blog will document some of the interesting things I encounter in my attempt to walk every street in Berkeley, California, my current place of residence. Why am I doing this? First and foremost, I find walking to be an enjoyable activity. About five years ago I sold my car because I did not want to support all of the bad things that come along with having a car (support of the oil industry, pollution, etc.), but even before that time I had always walked a lot. I have explored on foot most places I have lived and visited. Prior to moving to Berkeley I lived on the Peninsula, which was more spread out, and I got around on bicycle more often that on foot. Upon arriving in Berkeley, I found that most places I wanted to go were within walking distance.

So why walk every street in Berkeley? At least a couple of times I have heard the suggestion of getting to know your community by walking the streets in your neighborhood. Then I read an article in the New Yorker about a man who walked every street in Manhattan. Nothing could be as interesting as walking every street in Manhattan, but I figured there might be a few things to see walking the streets of Berkeley. It is a pretty ideal size to walk; not too small, but big enough to be a challenge.

Does the world really need another blog? Although I started walking last year, I dismissed the idea of recording my experiences online. After several months of walking, though, I realized that others who live in Berkeley might enjoy learning more about the city where they live. I also hope that this blog will encourage others to get out on foot and explore the place where they live.



  1. Spike said

    Thanks for the link and welcome to the world wide community of every-street walkers. Looking forward to watching your explorations. Bunged your link up on my blog also.

  2. Anonymous said

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